Hey, I'm Lewis 👋 A motivated games programmer with professional experience designing and implementing systems in both independent and team environments since 2021.
An Australian game developer, self taught but with strengthened skills through professional education. As of 2022 I have achieved the Professional Game Development Advanced Diploma, as well as the Screen and Media, and Information Technology Diplomas.



  • C++
  • C#
  • Javascript
  • GLSL

Engines and Frameworks

  • Unity
  • Node.js
  • Raylib
  • GLFW
  • ImGUI


  • Visual Studio
  • Git and GitHub
  • Perforce
  • Trello
  • CMake and Premake


Totally Titled Tower Defence
April - November 2022

A simple tower defence game, where you defend a space cow from floating cubes.

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Heart of the Forest
August - December 2022

A 2.5D adventure platformer for PC, created in a team of 17 people!

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September 2022 - Ongoing

Basic game engine with scripting support, a virtual file system and reloadable assets (shaders and C# scripts)

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Buoyancy Physics
February - March 2022

Buoyancy for varying shapes & objects inside Unity.

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Physics Engine
February - March 2022

A custom 3D physics engine written in C++.

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Graphics Engine
March - April 2022

A custom 3D graphical engine built in C++, using OpenGL as the graphics API.

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November - December 2022

A 2.5D top-down, bullet hell game where you fight waves of enemies and defeat the goblin king to save your siblings.

Developed in a group totalling 13 people, my work was on the flexible, designer-friendly ability system.

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September 2021

Endless runner car driving game.
Available on Windows and Android.

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Artificial Intelligence
June - July 2021

Using behaviour trees for a simulation of predator and prey species.

A* pathfinding is used for navigation, Raylib for graphics, and Box2D for physics.

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Tic Tac T-Oh No..
May 2021

Tic Tac Toe developed in C++ with configurable board size and player limit.

Up to 5 players and a maximum board size of 26x26!

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